Unique Coffee Styles: Kujuz Coffee And Container Cafe

On hot summer days, cool café shops are ideal places to avoid intensive heat. With strange and unique ideas for coffee shops in Saigon, Saigon-online will help you discover special cafes and today, it is Kujuz Coffee And Container Cafe.

Self-Serviced Cafe- Kujuz Coffee, District 1

Kujuz Coffee is situated on a quiet street of Saigon. During your trip in Saigon, Kujuz promises to bring you strange feelings.

Kujuz Coffee And Container Cafe (1)

Intimate and friendly space at Kujuz Cafe.

Kujuz Coffee And Container Cafe (2)

Cute windows

Visiting Kujuz Café, tourists will find a peaceful space with ancient design. Rows of green trees around Kujuz will ease the intensive heat of summer and help you enjoy cool green space.

Kujuz Coffee And Container Cafe (3)

Self- serviced place for customers

Kujuz Café is special for self- serviced style, you feel free to make your favorite drink with available recipes and guided by wholehearted staffs.

Kujuz Coffee And Container Cafe (4)

Young people find exciting to make drink.

On weekend, come to Kujuz to enjoy your favorite drinks, peaceful space near interesting books and romantic melodies.

Address: No. 05 Tran Quy Khoach, Tan Dinh ward, district 1.

Container Café, District 8

Container Café attracts tourists with unique design by recycling two old containers. Saigon tourists surely find interesting to enjoy coffee in the different way.

Kujuz Coffee And Container Cafe (5)

Container Café arranges items of old containers.

Stepping on Container Café, you will discover a unique decorating world from machine, old containers, bullets, shells, etc. This is an ideal place for photographers, vehicle collectors and young people who like such this special café.

Kujuz Coffee And Container Cafe (6)

A cute corner of Container Cafe

Container Café serves many snacks, office meals and a variety of drinks for your choice.

Kujuz Coffee And Container Cafe (8)

Outdoor space of Container Café makes impression to Saigon tourists.

Address: 138 road number 1, Trung Son residential area, district 8

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