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Vam Sat is located in Can Gio district, Vam Sat lies between the two rivers Vam Sat and Long Tau, is recognized as a biosphere reserve of the world by UNESCO and as one of two “Sustainable Development of Ecotourism” of the world in Vietnam by the World Tourism Organization. It becomes a stop point where travelers can enjoy special of Can Gio river region.

Vam Sat will be a wise choice for travelers who want to venture into the wild

Vam Sat will be a wise choice for travelers who want to venture into the wild

What things to do 

There’s a wide variety of activities which are offered at Vam Sat Tourist Center, of which both ecological and recreational aspects are included. . The basis tour must include observing the unique ecological system of mangrove forest, visiting Bat Swamp, crocodile farm and also bird- watching. Watching bats is interesting activity. Tourists must be quiet while trying to find bats hanging on tree branches. Sometimes, tourists find it difficult to spot even a bat found by other tourists. Dam Doi is a place for preserving big bats which gather in Dam Doi at a certain time in a year. When the time comes, tourists could see dozens, even hundreds of bats hanging on tops of trees.

There is some rare bats in Vam Sat - Can Gio

There is some rare bats in Vam Sat – Can Gio

In addition, crocodile farm would be quite thrilling to nervous people while seeing them devour the fish you cast over and looking at their red greedy eyes.

Fishing crocodiles, a risky but interesting experience

Fishing crocodiles, a risky but interesting experience

At night, visitors can join common life activities of fishermen like catching crabs or shrimps. Camp fire for a group of travelers or team building tours.

Fishing crabs

Fishing crabs

How to get there

If you go this place by motorbikes or cars, you can follow Nguyen Tat Thanh street ( district 7), pass Binh Khanh ferry, and keep going ahead the only-road to Can Gio Sea for about 15km, then turn right at Ly Nhon three-way crossroads. After that, go ahead and pass Vam Sat Bridge, turn left at Goc Tre Bridge and the tourism center is just there.

For the public transportation, taking bus number 20 at Ben Thanh Bus Station to Binh Khanh Ferry. After the ferry trip, tourists have to take bus routine Binh Khanh – Can Thanh and drop off at Dan Xay Bridge to arrive at Vam Sat Station. Here a boating trip of scenic view is awaiting tourists.

Sailboat has just been added to the list of transporting to Vam Sat tourist center, which departs from Bach Dang Wharf in District 1, early in the morning.

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