Vietnam Changes From Past To Now On American Newspaper

Vietnam Changes From Past To Now On American Newspaper. Album “Vietnam, past and now” of Vietnamese photographer was posted on Business Insider online news. It helps viewers understand the change of S-shaped country.

Unique and interesting is a common feeling of viewers when admiring the album of Vietnam famous destination from past to now. The album was taken by photographer Khanh Hmoong.

The creation of the album makes viewers enjoyable when the photographer joined old photos with its current locations. There are no traces in some places, but some almost remain unchanged over time.

vietnam-past-and-now (1)

A street of Nha Trang in 1967 and now. The building in the street corner seems to remain almost unchanged through tens of years.

vietnam-past-and-now (2)

Through ups and downs, Ben Thanh market in 1922 and now seem to be one. The most highlight is the tower with clock in European architecture.

vietnam-past-and-now (3)

Nha Trang beach- hometown of the photographer in 1968 and the current time.

vietnam-past-and-now (4)

Hoa Binh market, Da Lat was originally built of trees and corrugated iron roof. In 1933, a French architect designed and connected Hoa Binh area and market to become Vietnam first market. In the photo is Hoa Binh market in 1948 and now.

vietnam-past-and-now (5)

Lycée Yersin College in 1948 and now is Da Lat Teacher Training College.

vietnam-past-and-now (6)

Nha Trang station in 1970 and now.

vietnam-past-and-now (7)

Saigon Central Post Office was built in early years of twentieth century. This is combination of European and Aisa architectural styles and a symbol of Ho Chi Minh city.

vietnam-past-and-now (8)

Notre Dame Cathedral was built in 1877 and completed three years later. This is one of most beautiful cathedral in Vietnam. The photo was taken in 1890. At that time, the cathedral had not had bell towers yet. However, to compare the past and current, it still remains unchanged.

vietnam-past-and-now (9)

Hoi An ancient town past and now

vietnam-past-and-now (10)

Quang Tri ancient stronghold in 1968

vietnam-past-and-now (11)

Soldiers under Nguyen dynasty, Hue during 1910- 1920

vietnam-past-and-now (12)

Truong Tien bridge, Hue in 1967 and now with crowded vehicles.

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