Vietnamese Girl Traveled Alone 6 Months Through The United States

Vietnamese Girl Traveled Alone 6 Months Through the United States. Love traveling and experiencing a different life on new lands, two years ago, Ms. Dinh Hang decided to travel alone from the east to the west of the United States.

Born in 1987 and currently work as public relation, Dinh Thi Thu Hang is a girl who love backpacking from very young age. Therefore, her families, friends and people surroundings are not surprised of her decision on April, 2013 and after 6 months; people have chances to see her journey through American. A Vietnamese Girl Traveled Alone 6 Months Through the United States.

Dinh Hang thinks that she must leave a long enough time to travel slowly, enough to enjoy, discover and understand the soul of a land. Therefore, she planned to travel along through America for a long time. She worked hard, searched information carefully, and prepare both good spirit and health.

Ms Hang said that “to any travellers, America always appears as something great, full of curious and exciting. The great, multi- ethnic and multi-cultural America itself becomes an attractive destination for those who love backpacking”.

Before making a dream journey lasting nearly a year, she made many trips from Asia to the Middle East and the Americas.

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6- Month homestay in the whole America

As a senior member of Couch Surfing (a global homestay community), Ms. Hang has help many foreign tourists stay at her house. In her turn on the journey through 20 states of America, Ms. Hang was helped by kind American friends.

The trip she remembered best is when she came to Kansas State and helped by an extended family of 22 members. They welcomed her as member of their family.

Those days with them, Ms. Hang listened many interesting stories from the family members who spent 20 years doing volunteer in Africa. She really admired that family and had more belief in human’s kindness.

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The photo Ms. Hang took with the family Samuelson at Kansas State, America

After the journey, she became more mature and full of nice memory. Ms. Hang remembered she burst into tears when she saw a pot of rice in the foreign country. That was a morning waking up in California, “I saw a pot of rice that the house owner prepared before going to work, although last late night she drove to take me”.

 “The journey of freedom”

Walk slowly to feel the land you went through, travel alone but not lonely, Ms. Hang made her journey as a backpacker who like talking to strangers and curiously behold the world. Experiences of 6 months are very valuable to her, but the most memorable trip is the summer road trip by a mobile RV house which went through great national parks with two her friends.

Ms. Hang said that was the first time she travelled by a mobile car house. She saw big chasms of America at the age of millions of years old, endless pine valleys, etc. The trip between the spectacular and majestic nature brought about a very different America for the young girl.

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The young girl contemplated natural scenery in Grand Teton National Park.

Besides nice memories, she faced with broken emotional pain and depression before her trips. “It’s the memories of gray, dark and sad that I had to face and overcome during the journey,” said Ms. Hang said about sad memories that she never want to recalls.

With Hang Dinh, backpacking is a different life. There is no pressure of an 8-hour working day, but you will not have to rush to catch a flight or long-distance bus. There, you will not need to clean the house whenever messy but to accept sleeping in strange places, even in airports, bus stations, train stations, or a corner of a new familiar you just made friend.

You do not have to face every day with your boss or co-workers that you do not like at all. But in return, you must learn to face the risk of robbery, theft, or bad people. It is important to observe and learn to trust strangers.

Closing the dream journey of the youth and to recall the days she was herself, Hang Dinh told her 6- month alone trip in a book “Too young to die”: Journey to America, launched in April.

She said it would spend the entire wage in the first time of launching to raise funds for patients with chronic kidney disease in Thu Duc district hospital as her personal project “Every book, a living hope.”

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