Vietnamese shrimp cakes (Banh Khot)


It is talked that Banh Khot is well-known in Saigon but the hometown of famous and tasty Banh Khot is in Vung Tau. But Saigon is a center of  special dishes so it is also not surprised to see Banh Khot Vung Tau in Saigon territory.

Banh Khot in Saigon has its two versions. For first version, the cake comes from the West of Saigon with yellow thick cake, covered with green peas, oiled onion, a bit of coconut milk and fresh shrimp on top and second version or Vung Tau version with thin cake, oiled onion, fresh shrimp and crushed shrimp. If you put these 2 versions side by side, it is quite hard to conclude they share the same name of “Banh Khot” because its difference in color and shape.

Banh Khot is made from floured rice then mixed with coconut milk, egg and green onion leaves for greasy and sweet-smelling taste. The cake is served with Hot bread with fresh lettuce and other herbs. Whether cakes are delicious or not partly depends  on the skill of shop owner.

After the stage of pouring flour into mold, the remaining responsibility in on shoulder of  oven watcher who estimate time for cooked flour and turning into yellow. In the heat of the fireplace, oven watchers move their hand quickly to cast the shrimp in the middle of the cake.


Suggested address:

- Co Ba Vung Tau shop, 102 Cao Thang street, 4 ward, 3 district, HCM city

-38 Nguyen Van Troi, 15 ward, Phu Nhuan distict, HCM city

- intersection between Ba Huyen Thanh Quan street and Ngo Thi Nham street, 3 district, HCM city

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