Visiting Prince of Bac Lieu House

If people have a chance to travel to Bac Lieu, you can not miss an attractive palace, Prince of Bac Lieu House. The house is the ideal attraction in Bac Lieu with the special architecture of France. It is said that the house followed French architects and all of the materials used to build the house are brought from French. Moreover, there are many wealthy and valuable furniture displayed in the house. Some of them such as the bed, the ancient dish, the gramophone, TV, car, decorations, pictures Ba Huy and his great wife. These are very precious and valuable objects.

Outside house

Outside house

The original name of Cong Tu Bac Lieu was Tran Trinh Huy, He was a well-known playboy in Bac Lieu and Southern in 1930s – 1940s. Tran Trinh Huy was born in a very rich and luxurious family; his father Tran Trinh Trach owned so many rice hectares and a lot of land.

The house is located at number 13, Dien Bien Phu street, ward 3, Bac Lieu city, now it is Cong Tu Bac Lieu hotel with 6 bedrooms.
The villa of Bac Lieu mandarin’s son was built in 1919 with most of raw materials imported from Paris, France such as cast steel, stone tiles, bricks, decorative iron frames. After completion, this was considered as the most luxurious and largest house in the South region at that time.

Furnitures of Bac Lieu's house

Furnitures of Bac Lieu’s house

The ground floor has 2 bedrooms and 2 halls. The upper foor consists of 3 bedrooms and 2 halls, of which Tran Trinh Huy’s room is equipped with all conveniences as bed, television, telephone, refrigerator, wardrobe, work table, etc.

A luxury bed

A luxury bed

Nowadays, part of the Bac Lieu mansion is preserved to serve visitors. Visiting the villa, visitors will be attracted by the elegant and luxurious decorations. A part of the villa is used for displaying many rare and precious furniture of Tran Trinh Huy’s family.

The remaining of the villa was repaired and renovated into hotel and restaurant that oers guests the chance to experience the life of the province’s prodigal sons. Coming here, visitors have the opportunity to rest in French architecture rooms, enjoy the hot pot named “mandarin’s son”, and relax with the program “Sing together” at 7pm

The prince of Bac Lieu owned the objects that were very wealthy and rare in Vietnam that time such as Peugeot car and Ford Vedette. Besides it, he was the first Vietnamese owning the plane and he used the plane to visit the rice fields.

Stairs of house

Stairs of house

Visiting the house of prince of Bac Lieu House will bring you new and interesting experience. Coming here, you will know more about the life of the prince. Especially, there is Tran Trinh Duc – Bac Lieu’s son who is still alive will tell you stories of Ba Huy and let you know more about how the prince spent money and enjoyed his life.

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