Visiting Saigon- Gia Dinh Commissioner’s Monument in Ben Tre Province

The Saigon- Gia Dinh Commissioner’s Monument (another name Y4,T4) was recognized as national relics on December 23, 1995 by Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism. The monument is located in Tan Phu Tay commune, Mo Cay Bac district.

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Visiting Saigon- Gia Dinh Commissioner’s Monument in Ben Tre Province

On June 1969, the leading agency of Saigon- Gia Dinh commissioner moved to here as a new liberated area, rugged terrain, many canals, a lot of coconut trees as shielding, hence, the enemy cannot march in motor vehicles, armored vehicles, including the use of helicopter.

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Saigon- Gia Dinh Commissioner’s Monument

Outer circle is protection corridor and liaison points including surrounding communes: Thanh An, Hoa Loc, Thanh Ngai, Phuoc My Trung.

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Discovering Saigon- Gia Dinh Commissioner’s Monument

To preserve the remnant of a hard and heroic war period, this monument has been recovered and expanded by 2 hectares, with main items including the basement for working and staying of Mr. Vo Van Kiet; accommodation and work of major agencies, ambulance tunnels; secret tunnels of Mr. Vo Van Kiet, Mr. Mai Chi Tho, Tran Bach Dang; a gallery of historical artifacts and other related works.

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Open tunnel

The building sends a message of traditional love of the country for the youth and has become a tourist attraction, outdoor activities and picnic of the province.

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Burning incense to tribute to heroic martyrs

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