Waiting for Crab Noodle Soup in a Longtime Shop, Sai Gon


bun rieu cua 2

Located right in Van Lang park (district 5, Ho Chi Minh city), a shop of crab noodle soup actually has 15 year experience.

Although the shop does not have nice appearance, airy space, or fussy decoration, sometimes only a few tables, dozen of chairs placed near sidewalks or in deep alley, even customers often have to serve themselves, gourmets are willing to hunt and wait for a bowl of noodles.

Hotness is a common feeling of most dinners coming here. Both customers and sellers are in hot feeling. That is the hotness of the waiting, of a hot bowl of noodles, of the spicy peppers and of the flaming stove.

The shop opens at 5 pm, always crowded, making customers coming here  always in a state of waiting for their turn. No need to wait for people who  set tables, barely stand a person up when others replace. When you successful find a seat, customers still continue to wait for their turn to enjoy. Ranges of tables and stools always jam with customers.

The shop has about 7-8 staffs serving both inside and outside house but can not meet crowd of customers.

bun rieu cua

Delicious Crab Noodle Soup

A hot bowl of crab noodle soup is served with small, smooth noodles, soft boiled pork blood, attractive crab meat, fragrant broth with light sour which addict dinners. If customers want to enjoy full flavor , just order more a bowl of shrimp or various raw vegetable: spinach, salad, herbs, etc.

The bowl of crab noodle soup is more attractive thanks to its sauce. The heat does not reduce but also add some flavor to the bowl of noodle soup. Just a glance the noodle bowl is eaten out, many dinners continue to order more until they feel full.

Address: near Van Lang park, Hung Vuong street, district 5, Ho Chi Minh city

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