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khu du lich binh qioi

8 km from center of Ho Chi Minh city, the resort Binh Quoi 1 has total area of 34,000 square meters, Sai Gon river wards. Contrary to sunny and busy roads leading to the resort, just step into Binh Quoi, huge old trees, smooth green grasses, rows of water coconut near So Nhat canal make the air cooler.

Going closer in a green space, tourists will meet a lake with full of lotus, a quirky little bridge, a clear canal, it seems to hear laughter of kids swimming under the canal.

Tourists coming here usually go straight to the bridge, then sit flat on the bridge, let their legs touch canal’s water and feel cool, comfortable from the cooling, look the sun, people, bamboo bridge connecting two banks, lush rows of green coconut trees, green grasses, small boats waiting for passengers, fish catchers look peaceful in a corner waiting for fisherman’s hands, listening to the babble sound of water from water mill, the sound of fish biting baits, sound of cameras, the sound of laughing from young people to visit and have fun.

khu du lich binh quoi

To make the wild space more plentiful, Binh Quoi owns itself a waterfall with water sound around year. The waterfall is not too high but enough to attract tourists with sharp and rough rocks and fragrant orchid flowers on the top of the waterfall. Near the waterfall is a barren desert sand dunes with spindly trees’ bodies and gate of a desert house.

To acknowledge  talents  in the fields of science, literature, music, etc. The Binh Quoi resort also has memorial areas dedicated to many personalities. The most attractive area is the memorial area of former gifted composer Trinh Cong Son with big roots of old trees, a majestic statue, portraits, handwritten song drafts of talented musicians.

Beside enjoying romantic landscape in a space of Southern countryside with river-related activities, tourists have chances to visit folk games such as walking on the balancing bridge, cockfighting, walking on stilts, etc.  Or from Binh Quoi, visitors can cruise from Saigon River to Ben Duoc Tunnels, Lai Thieu fruit garden or Nha Rong Wharf.

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