What to do in District 1 in Ho Chi Minh City

If Ho Chi Minh City is your next destination, then you cannot miss District 1. It is Ho Chi Minh city’s downtown which attracts a lot of foreign tourists. You will be strongly impressed with interesting activities, luxury hotels and restaurants, delicious street food, lively rooftop bars, and nightlife. So let’s see what to do in District 1?

1. Immerse in lively local life at Ben Thanh market

Ben Thanh market is considered as a symbol of Ho Chi Minh city and the place that witnessed a lot of historical ups and downs of the city. Besides, it has become the most important market in Ho Chi Minh city. It is situated along Ben Nghe river. You can easily find a variety of different commodities such as fruit, food, clothing, appliances, shoes, souvenirs and jewelry. Moreover, the southern gate of Ben Thanh market is a familiar check-in place for young people whenever they visit Ho Chi Minh city.

Ben Thanh Market in Ho Chi Minh City

2. Go for a walk on Nguyen Hue pedestrian street

Nguyen Hue pedestrian street is a large square and usually take places festival and music programs. Especially, it is always crowded in the evening. Around this pedestrian street, there is no shortage of play venues such as Vincom shopping centers, clothing stores, and café. When you immerse yourself in the crowd in Nguyen Hue pedestrian street, you can know more about Vietnamese lifestyle and make new friends. Also, if you are a bubble tea lover, this place is a paradise for you.

Nguyen Hue Walking Street in Saigon

3. Visit Saigon Notre-Dame Cathedral

 It is known as Đức Bà cathedral and is the most famous landmark situated in the heart of Ho Chi Minh city. The most special feature of Notre-Dame cathedral is its style architecture. The unique design is built by red bricks and doesn’t have moss although it has a long age. Moreover, you can experience a special coffee which is called “ Bệt Coffee “ meaning that without table and chair, you just need to find a suitable seat, a cool place and then sit down on the ground, enjoy your coffee. This will be an unforgettable experience.

Notre Dame Cathedral in Saigon Vietnam

4. Explore to Sai Gon Garden

 This is not just a simple Garden but actually an entertainment complex which is decorated with a lot of trees. The first impression you will feel is that it is designed with an architectural style inspired by the streets of foreign countries and the entire space is covered with greenery. And there is also a shopping center in Sai Gon Garden. If you are a café lover, Sai Gon Garden is the best choice for you because there are lots of coffee shop here. Starbucks Coffee and The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf is the most famous coffee shop.

Saigon Garden in District 1

5. Enjoy delicious food

When coming to Ho Chi Minh city, you can’t miss enjoying food. Thuan Kieu broken steamed rice is popular with people here. A serving of Thuan Kieu rice has different types of side dishes for you to choose such as eggs, pop ribs, rolls,…

Broken rice in Saigon

Rice vermicelli: is called “ Bun Bo Hue’ in Vietnam. The most special feature of vermicelli is rich soup and the original flavor of beef noodles. The noodle fiber is eaten with crab rolls, beef rolls, and some chewy beef pieces. However, a local food tour in Saigon with more foods is worth trying.

In sum, all the suggestions above will help you in your journey to district 1 in Ho Chi Minh city. But a perfect city tour in Ho Chi Minh City takes you farther than District 1. We hope that you will have memorable experiences and know more about Vietnamese culture as well as cuisine.

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