Where to Visit On National Vacation 30th April? All about Historical Monument Cu Chi Tunnel

The war was ended for a long time, but on annual occasion of 30th April, the whole country recalls the tenacious battle and hardships of the Vietnamese Revolution. On occasion of a long holiday: 30th April, 1st May and King Hung death anniversary, why don’t you visit Cu Chi tunnel to see the true history that is clearly reproduced?

cu-chi-tunnel (8)

The holiday 30th April is an ideal occasion to visit Cu Chi tunnel.

The Cu Chi tunnel is located on the Northwest direction, about 70 km from Ho Chi Minh city. It was built in 1940s during the war against French colonial. The system of tunnel includes a lot of rooms, kitchens, clinics, stores, etc. which were used by Vietnamese communists to implement campaigns against foreign enemies.

Today, the Cu Chi tunnel is a tourist attraction for both domestic and foreign tourists, for those who are interested in discovering strange and unique places and country history. The length of Cu Chi tunnel is about 200 km, some parts are narrow and dark. Foreign tourists have voted it as one of strangest destinations in Southeast Asia.


The entrance to Cu Chi tunnel

Means of Transport To Cu Chi Tunnel

There are two common ways to Cu Chi tunnel: one by motorbike and the other by bus. If you choose travel by motorbike, there are two roads to go: one along highway 13 and the other along highway 22.

  • If going along highway 22 to Cu Chi overpass bridge, then turn right to Binh Duong (follow the red arrow in the bellow picture)
  • If going along highway 13 to Thu Dau Mot town of Binh Duong, over Phu Cuong bridge to Cu Chi (follow the red arrow in the bellow picture)

cu-chi-tunnel (12)

The map guides to travel Cu Chi by motorbike

It is much simple to travel by bus. Just go to Ben Thanh market, take bus number 13 to Cu Chi tunnel.

In addition, for those who are not familiar to the route here can hire a taxi motorbikes or taxi depending on your budget.

When Should Go To Cu Chi Tunnel?

It is not far from the city, you can complete the trip to Cu Chi in one day. But on occasion of 30th April and 1st May, there are surely a lot of tourists coming here; hence, you should begin your trip early, about at 6 am to avoid overload status. And of course, in a long holiday, you do not need to visit the tunnel on 30th April, you should select one of six days to make you short-time trip.

The Cu Chi tunnel is one of 10 most spectacular constructions in the world.


Normally, tourists from Saigon to Cu Chi come back in day. But for those who are far from there want to stay more to visit other destinations or Saigon tourists want to enjoy overnight atmosphere in suburban area, they can rent a hotel right on the highway 15, near the tourism area Cu Chi tunnel. The hotel price is quite affordable, from 150,000 VND- 300,000 VND/ night.

Places To Visit and Entertainment

1.      Go through the Cu Chi tunnel

There are two tunnels in Cu Chi: Ben Duoc tunnel in Phu My Hung commune and Ben Dinh tunnel in Nhuan Duc commune, but normally Ben Dinh tunnel is used for foreign tourists and the counterpart is used for Vietnamese people.

cu-chi-tunnel (11)

There are two tunnels in Cu Chi: Ben Duoc tunnel and Ben Dinh tunnel

Visiting the Cu Chi tunnel on 30th April is a wonderful idea which helps us recall the hardships of the war against American enemy in the last century. The Cu Chi tunnel is a second-to-none wonder of 200 km long. It runs windingly underground and made by simple tools such as mattock, showel, etc. but it matched basic amenities for a shell such as working tables, beds, stores, kitchens, clinics, etc.

cu-chi-tunnel (5)

The picture imitating the Cu Chi tunnel

cu-chi-tunnel (9)

Inside Cu Chi tunnel

After going through the tunnel, you will have a chance to enjoy the dish boiled cassava served with roasted tofu salt- the specialty of Cu Chi. The cassava roots are boiled by Hoang Cau fireplace which is smoke free and avoids the enemy’s notice. Hence, on 30th April, you will have chacnes to experience historical moments at Cu Chi, very interesting and memorable.

cu-chi-tunnel (7)

Cassava served with roasted tofu salt

2.      Play Paintball Shooting

After going through the tunnel and relax your mind from the dark and lack of oxygen underground, tourists can play paintball shooting. To play this sport, it requires enough members and then divided into two teams; hence if the number of tourists is not enough, you can not play this game.

 cu-chi-tunnel (6)

Test your optical flair with paintball shooting

3.  Cycling and swimming

Right in the Cu Chi Tunnel, you can hire bikes to go around. You can both ride bike and behold the pure atmosphere here. Or tourists can swim to enjoy the cool water under the intensive sunlight of summer.

cu-chi-tunnel (13)

Cu Chi swimming pool

4. Visit the Animal Rescue Center

After experiencing all forms of visiting and entertainment, if you still have time, you could visit the animal rescue center Cu Chi. Born in 2006, it is considered the biggest wild animal clinic of Southern region. However, if you plan to visit this place, you must make a phone call in advance; if not, you are able not to be welcomed by its staffs.

cu-chi-tunnel (4)

There are many wild animals raised and took care of at Cu Chi

What Food Should Enjoy In Cu Chi?

Ending the trip, tourists usually add energy before coming back the city. And the specialty of Cu Chi is young beef meat, in which the store Xuan Dao Cu Chi beef meat becomes prestige and attractive for tourists.

Apart from the beef dish, Cu Chi is also famous for rice cake rolled with pork meat and grilled dishes. Just go along the highway to Saigon, you will catch such these stores with reasonable price.


The specialty young beef meat Cu Chi

You should not miss out the juice of sugarcane and durian at Vuon Cau store, about 3 km from Cu Chi tunnel. This is a delicious drink in Cu Chi.

Buy Souvenirs in Cu Chi?

Despite a short trip, you want to buy souvenirs; you can drop in on some souvenir shops in Cu Chi tourism area. Here are models of airplanes, oil lamps, lighters, etc. which are professionally created by artisans. Especially, almost these souvenirs cost less than 100,000 VND.

cu-chi-tunnel (1)

cu-chi-tunnel (2)

cu-chi-tunnel (3)

Almost these souvenirs cost less than 100,000 VND

Some other notes:

After buying the entrance ticket, a video introducing Cu Chi tunnel will be played. If you visit the Cu Chi tunnel on occasion of 30th April, you should pay your attention to listen and understand historical events.

The tunnel is quite dark and narrow; you should follow guides of tour guides for safe.

Finally, this is a historical site where tour guides will wear military uniform and traditional hats; hence; you should wear politely to show your respect to such this historical monument.

Above is all necessary information about Cu Chi tunnel, you can backpack to Cu Chi on holiday 30th April to understand more about the revolutionary history and the national pride.

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