Xi Quach: a “break-through” of Saigon cuisine

In Saigon, there is a weird dish called Xi Quach. It is made from pork or beef leg bones steamed for many hours. Initially, the bones are the left-over from producing broth; however, with business-sensitive mind, local people turned the discarded parts into a street food for fun.

A chubby piece of Xi Quach

A chubby piece of Xi Quach

After being an official dish in street food menu, Xi Quach now is not just a piece of leg bone, seller leave many meat sticking to the bones on purpose so eaters can enjoy the well steamed meat while dipping the super tasty liquid inside the bones.

Xi quach hotpot

Xi quach hotpot

Xi Quach is not usually served alone, most food stalls like to sell it together with the main dish since however it is still a side product of making broth for Pho, Bun or Hu Tieu. You can order a bowl of Pho/Bun/Hu Tieu together with a piece of Xi Quach to enjoy the juicy part inside the bones.

However, there are also some stalls serving Xi Quach as a sole dish in their menu. At these stalls, bones used for Xi Quach are usually super huge piece that can surprise you when your order is taken to your table. If normally you can just suck the marrow inside the bones by using your mouth, at these stalls, you might have to use a straw.

Giant Xi Quach

Giant Xi Quach

Western rarely make use of the bones after making broth so the dish might be a little weird but sipping the tasty marrow and soft meat is an interesting experience you should try when visiting Saigon.

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